Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why I Roleplay

Wow, I haven't updated much...well really at all. The holidays are way more demanding than I remember from last year. Or maybe I just have more responsibility? Well regardless I finally got something to write about now; a little bit of reason as to why I roleplay.

Well to begin, I have only done a handful of roleplaying in my two years of actual serious roleplaying. In this incredibly short time I've gone across the board on systems and themes; Pathfinder, DnD, Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies, Marvel RPG, Savage Worlds, World of Darkness, Iron Kingdoms and so on. While I have yet to be seriously into one over the other I have dabbled in enough to realize that there are a near endless amount of ways to escape this boring reality. With so many different choices, I can truly express various aspects of myself.

Okay, so quick background information about myself; I'm a 5'7" scrawny 22 year old from Small Town, USA. I don't have much in ways of muscle or athleticism, but in a fantasy world I can be the strong and righteous Paladin, defending the weak with my sword and shield. I consider myself decent with a computer but in an epic space saga I can be the greatest hacker in the sector, breaking through barriers in the evil empire's massive database. Finally I'm not exactly a ladies man, but I can seduce my way into and out of trouble with supernatural vampiric charisma and charm. 

I roleplay types and people that I want to be but due to limitations I can't be. I know, that's incredibly cliché, but many times, people can't express themselves unless they're doing so through another 'person' so to speak. Those who are normally shy and reclusive now have a way to open up to others who are doing just the same. Basically, I see it as a safe and open environment for people to just be themselves (while being someone else..if that makes sense). While I'm not exactly the type who is overly shy, my sociability, problem solving and teamwork skills all drastically improved when I was getting out more to roll some dice with friends. I got out of my shell when I was slaying goblins with my +1 longsword!

Finally, I like to entertain and the written word has been my preferred medium for quite some time. As someone who's major in college relies heavily on writing (damn you History classes), I had to learn how to write very quickly. And I realize I'm not master wordsmith, not by a long shot, but when I roleplay and especially when I'm the Gamemaster, my creativity and writing get a massive workout when I'm typing up characters for the upcoming battle or plotting how to creatively sneak around the guards in my way. I have to seriously work my mind if I'm going to both entertain my players and show off to my team mates, where else can I find such a fun and rewarding way to practice my skills?

I realize I'm rambling now, but get used to that from now on, at least until I can learn how to tidy up my thoughts at least. But what I'm trying to get at is, I roleplay because I use it to be my way to both interact with friends and soon-to-be-friends on a whole new and fun level, but also to help me build a repertoire of writing and prose. I can't ask for a better way to do so many amazing things in such a small, self contained package. If you haven't done anything in the roleplaying world you are seriously missing out, but I'd be happy to point you in the right direction if you want!

If you want to read more about the benefits of Roleplay in a tremendously better way, I suggest starting off with these two great sources, one from Lifehacker about its benefits and this one from Gnome Stew.