Sunday, December 20, 2015

Countries of my World

I'm sitting here, 12:45 am Sunday, staying awake with my roommate because there's a horse in my backyard. Yes, a horse. I'm having to stay up so that the police and/or owners can come deal with it.

**UPDATE** The horse's name is Hershey, we bonded over apples. One of the policemen was able to tie him up and asked me to hold onto him while he went go get the owner to come pick him up.

So in the meantime,I figured I'll start explaining parts of my world that I plan on using for RPGs and maybe eventually novels. (ha...maybe...). I plan on making this a semi-regular segment because I like showing off my creations. It's pretty much why I have a blog in the first place.

My first entry will be about the various kingdoms and nations that I've come up with so far: Irmin, my main setting; Aramante, an empire about to implode; and the River City League, various city-states which are the remnants of a long dead empire.

Kingdom of Irmin (er-MEEN): Long story short, Irmin is my main setting, the place I plan on having the majority of details done first and where my characters will interact with the most, either directly or indirectly. Back before most humans were creating nation-states, a group of humans wandered onto dwarven lands, attracted by the mineral and metal rich soil that has sustained the dwarves of the area for a few thousand years prior. The dwarves first made contact with these 'giants' and thankfully instead of going to war they proposed an experiment in multiculturalism. After a hard translation process they eventually started to learn about each other. The humans that would establish Irmin used many dwarven techniques involving city planning and government.

Now, after the last 600 years or so, Irmin has developed it's own language; a mixture of native tongue along with stylings of the dwarves (a very Germanic/Norse feel to it, names like Konrad and Anders). A government imitating dwarves with a regency council with a single king at the head, yet they use a dynastic system rather than a pseudo-democratic process of king making. Overall, they're only just over twice the size of New York City, but with an army that is one of the most disciplined and effective. Because of such, they've been able to repel expansionist emperors from Aramante for the past 100 years, but with more resources being used, the threat of another war draws near.

Aramante  (ar-a-MAHN-teh): This nation has served as both a possible threat and political, economical and at times a religious competitor to Irmin. I haven't fully fleshed this one out yet, but of what I have should suffice for at least a campaign or two. Aramante grew out of the old Italusi Empire, where it was once a large frontier filled with barbarous humans and non-human races. When the humans could finally get their act together and work as one, they slowly laid waste to many wild peoples; orcs, goblins, etc. They carried over the beginnings of the church that formed in Italus (then a shell of its former self) and with claiming help from The One and the Stewards (god-like figures who oversee Creation) they swept through the lands with a voracious and terrifying speed.

In modern times, the Aramantene Empire has conquered some 12 different cultures, both human and non-humans, each of which has shaped the massive state for better or worse. While in public they see themselves as champions for the Church of the One Light, behind closed doors decadence has caused many nobles to hold ritualistic orgies of old gods of lust and hedonism. The bureaucracy of the state has become saturated with corruption of money and power. The Emperor now has little care on what happens in his lands, so long as he has the richest foods in his belly, the prettiest maidens in his bed, and the finest luxuries of clothes and entertainment he could truly care less about what happened the next day.

River City League: While not a single country, this federation of multiple smaller city-states along the Fluminus River that at one point belonged to the greatest empire yet seen; The Italusi Empire. Three main cities are, of course Italus, now a fraction of its former glory but rising back due to the Church; Fiorni, where some of the best and most shrewd merchants are born and do business; and finally Vexia, who's Spartan existence has changed little since the empire's fall, keeping up with it's highly militaristic lifestyle and home to some of the greatest mercenaries.

If you haven't figured it out by now, every one of these has at least one or two historical counterparts and inspirations. I can't help it, I'm a history nerd as well as a fantasy and RPG one. I know my readers are smart enough to make the connections, but let's see if my readers can pick these apart some, maybe I got some things inconsistent. Now's your chance to correct me! But also, what other historical civilizations and cultures would make great fantasy nations in your ideas? Why would they be important or not? Comment below and let's get those creative juices flowing!